Finley's Music Studio

1905 Miracle Lane
Falls Church, VA 22043

1905 Miracle Lane
Falls Church, VA 22043


Finley's Music Studio, in Falls Church, Virginia, is the studio of Glenda Finley. She is a professionally trained musician with 30 years experience teaching music in the public school system. She offers private voice and piano lessons to students from 5 years old to adult. Her methods of teaching are cultivated from experience in teaching music in the public school system in both Arlington and Fairfax Counties. An individualized program for each student is designed which utilizes educational games to help children increase their knowledge of piano  or singing and music theory.

In some cases, students  incorporate both piano and voice  in their lesson.  Students learn their pieces, the scales and arpeggios for piano. In voice the student will be learning good diction, proper breathing techniques and vocal literature that is appropriate for the individual. Often students are preparing pieces that they are using in school performances and they learn proper projection, ways to increase their intensity in vocal delivery, and ways to engage their audience.


One parent reports that:

"If you are 'on the fence' about piano lessons for your child; I urge you to give it a chance with Mrs. Finley.  Unlike sports, learning the piano is a continual lesson in individual drive and motivation for a child.  The whole team doesn't get trophies at the end of the season; the "trophy" is learning a new piece, a new scale, mastering something that not everyone else can do.  Don't get me wrong; my son loves his baseball trophy, but I think he was prouder when he played Jingle Bells at the family sing-along at Christmas last year.
I was so pleased with the gains my son made during his year of lessons with Mrs. Finley.  Not just musically, but in drive, discipline, and deportment as well.  And, he has a special relationship with Mrs. Finley; how nice to have another adult with whom to relate, who isn't a teacher or a parent!
We are so blessed to have found Mrs. Finley.  I am looking forward to watching my son grow in her studio for years to come...and you know, he is too!" Christine

Another parent writes:

Mrs. Finley is a wonderful music teacher; not only is my daughter learning to play the piano but she is developing a genuine love and appreciation of music overall. She shares her love of music in an infectious and inspiring way. Stephanie

I highly recommend Glenda Finley for piano lessons.  My two children, then in 2nd grade and Kindergarten, started lessons last January.  Mrs. Finley has done a fabulous job of teaching them differently, both to adjust to their individual learning styles and to prevent competition.  Both kids are sounding great and, most importantly, having fun!

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